Sessions / Non-teaching Context

SIG Coordinators Meeting #3160

Sat, Jul 9, 12:55-13:55 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: F23 HYBRID

This is a meeting for SIG coordinators and representatives. Here we will talk about the status of your SIG and the SRL will give information from the Board of Directors. We will meet f2f and the SRL will stream the meeting via Zoom for the coordinators who cannot make it. All current or future SIG coordinators are welcome as well as SIG designated representatives.

Will online TOEIC self-study be better than traditional TOEIC self-study? #2821

Sat, Jul 9, 16:25-16:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: C11

The pandemic has forced researchers to explore new avenues for conducting L2 research. Traditional face-to-face instruction to encourage students’ self-study is challenging, particularly for EOP (English for Occupational Purposes) contexts. To explore this problem, this presentation will discuss a study that will explore the application and efficacy of E-Learning as a tool to develop TOEIC proficiency. There are 40 participants in the study, all employed by the Kyoto Police as English translators with TOEIC scores between 450 and 600. The study aims to assess the effectiveness of an E-learning platform to develop TOEIC listening and speaking test scores without any face-to-face interaction. Participants have been placed into two groups, one group will receive traditional self-study guidance and use TOEIC focused textbook “TOEIC L&Rテスト至高の模試600問”and the other group will use a TOEIC L&R focused course created by EnglishCentral that is accessed via a smartphone or tablet. Each group will do a total of 100 hours of self-study over a 3-month period beginning the summer of 2022. This presentation will present the study design, proposed analyses, hypothesized outcomes, and other data-gathering related issues. Feedback and suggestions to improve the study are welcome.

Educators in Training Forum #2649

Sun, Jul 10, 10:00-11:00 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: ONLINE

The Graduate Student Subcommittee (GSS) is for JALT members who currently study or are thinking about studying at university, with a focus on those undertaking graduate-level studies. In this presentation, we will discuss the subcommittee’s activities since its creation at the Executive Board Meeting in June, 2021. These activities include interviewing leaders within the JALT community, and presenting during the JALT international conference 2021. We are a new, small subcommittee, so we are looking for like-minded students to join us in creating a space for students within JALT. While many of our interests and concerns overlap with the wider JALT community, we aim to create a space for students to come together to share ideas and help support each other through the last words of our dissertations or thesis defenses. We welcome anyone to join us to share ideas about how this subcommittee can help the students within JALT, but we especially welcome current graduate students to join us to share their ideas and concerns and network with other students.

JALT Officer Support Meeting #2856

Sun, Jul 10, 15:05-16:05 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: F22 HYBRID: DO NOT RECORD

JALT's Officer Support Committee (OSC) was created to help orient new officers and support current officers in JALT’s SIGs, chapters, and committees. This session will be partially an introduction to the resources available to JALT officers, and partially a Q&A / troubleshooting session. If you're a JALT officer (or curious about becoming one), you are welcome to this meeting.