Beng Hwee Tan


Beng Hwee Tan is an Assistant Professor in the World Language Center at Soka University. Having lived in Singapore, the United States, as well as Japan, Beng speaks four different languages. His research interests include Hip Hop Based Education, Inclusiveness in Education, as well as Education for Global Citizenship. Beng is also a dancer and has been actively involved in dance communities and events in California and Tokyo.


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Sat, Jul 9, 15:15-16:45 Asia/Tokyo

Performance in Education refers to the use of activities such as roleplays, skits, process drama, readers theatre, speech, debate, oral presentations, dance, music, spoken word, rap, kamishibai, film, and podcasting in education. The Performance in Education SIG focuses on the use of these activities by teachers and students inside and outside of the classroom. The SIG Forum will feature lightning presentations (10-minute presentations) by a diverse lineup of presenters who will share their ideas and experience on the various facets of Performance in Education.

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