Teacher Development Any Practice-Oriented Short Workshop

Conference proposal writing and reviewing: Constructive feedback

Sun, Jul 10, 10:00-10:25 Asia/Tokyo

Location: E26

Presenting ideas to fellow teachers and researchers is an essential part of professional development. Concisely describing a presentation in one or two hundred words of text is a challenge. Conference organisers must also put together teams of reviewers to assess the quality of each submission, and ideally write feedback that will be useful for authors to revise their submissions, whether to raise the standards of the current conference or to help authors when they apply to a later conference. This session is intended for anyone thinking about writing a presentation abstract, joining a reviewing team for a conference, or continuing to review and give feedback on submissions. This presentation will first consider the essential form and component of a presentation submission: who it relates to, what it is about, when and where it takes place, and why it is important. Then we will look at how reviewers can write feedback in a tone that is helpful without being patronising, and critical without being offensive. What are the rules concerning abstract writing and when do rules become guidelines? Do abstracts need references (Gough & Taylor, 2018)? Should abstracts include questions? (194 words including these ones!)

  • Mark Brierley

    Working on the schedule for PanSIG2022.

  • Brian Gallagher

    SAAP at Meijo University and Adjunct at Kinjo Gakuin University, Nagoya. M.A. Open & Distance Education, PanSIG JALTCALL Liaison, PIE SIG Member, PanSIG2017 Journal Editor in Chief, Abstract Reviewer, and Associate Editorial Team member.

  • Grant Osterman

    Dr. Osterman has been teaching in Japan since 1993. Originally from a small Midwestern town in the United States, he earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in education from the University of Maryland. After a short hiatus, he completed his doctorate degree from Northcentral University in educational leadership. Over his career, he has taught at elementary schools, junior high schools, universities, and is an administrator at a private international school in Okinawa. His volunteer works includes being the coordinator for JALT’s Teaching Younger Learners Special Interest Group, Okinawa Chapter Membership Chair, and the SIG Representative Liaison for JALT.

  • Tim Cleminson

    Hello, everyone. I'm Tim. I'm the LD Coordinator and I'll be hosting the online part of this forum. I am really excited to hear all the presentations and discussions at the forum. I also look forward to meeting you around the conference. Please introduce yourself, as I'm still new to LD! Thanks