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Cancelled Embedding Synchronous Formative Assessment in the Virtual Classroom

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Moving to a virtual classroom impedes many of the formative assessment strategies that drive an educator’s classroom practices. There is added difficulty in even the simplest classroom monitoring tasks, not to mention the numerous course corrections that are often needed to enable a successful lesson. Many of the coping systems off only a rudimentary substitute for the access to individual student work and collaborative activities that in-person classroom interaction provides. With well-designed tasks and powerful learning management technology, we may be able to gain back much of that access. This presentation will present specific classroom applications of the Microsoft OneNote platform (in combination with Teams) that can provide guidance to create student-centered learning in a virtual environment. It will discuss (1) providing ongoing synchronous feedback to work in progress, (2) creating or re-directing tasks in response to immediately changing student needs, (3) gaining real time access to individual student notebooks, (4) evaluating individual contributions to collaborative tasks. Although these practices and strategies have a profound benefit for the virtual classroom, their use can greatly magnify an educator’s understanding of their student’s needs in standard classrooms as well.