Lifelong Language Learning College and University Education Practice-Oriented Short Workshop

Case studies: An imaginative learning approach with lifelong applications

Sun, Jul 10, 10:00-10:25 Asia/Tokyo

Location: F22: DO NOT RECORD

Formal education systems have faced the expectation of developing the whole learner and more recent calls are for developing lifelong learners. In the 100 years since Harvard Business School pioneered the case study approach, cases have become recognized as pedagogical techniques for experiential learning to cultivate the capacity for critical analysis, judgment, problem solving, and action. Experiential learning (Silberman, 2007) affords students in higher education with opportunities to meet course aims by applying knowledge and demonstrating skills. In addition to engaged language in use through preparation for class discussions consolidating both life and academic experience, case work supports students in building long-lasting abilities that transfer to situations beyond the classroom. This teaching practice session introduces the merits of case studies with examples used in discussion and business English courses sampled from various ELT materials and supplementary resources. The presentation also highlights seven meta-skills prompted through case study learning to better prepare students for work and foster an interest in ongoing learning after university. Participants will consider how they might incorporate cases studies in their context. Following a brief overview of constructivist pedagogy, this session will interest teachers looking for practical means to meet active learning demands and support learner engagement.

  • Greg Rouault

    Greg Rouault is an Associate Professor at Hiroshima Shudo University. He has a Master of Applied Linguistics from Macquarie University and has taught at various levels in diverse contexts in Japan for over 20 years. His research interests include ER & reading literacy, ESP/EAP, business English, and experiential task-based learning with simulations.