Computer Assisted Language Learning College and University Education Research-Oriented Presentation

Negotiating Personal Online Policies in International Online Collaboration

Sat, Jul 9, 14:40-15:05 Asia/Tokyo

Location: C11

The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards online education, and it looks likely that teaching and learning will continue to take place, at least partially, in virtual spaces in a post-pandemic world. As educators, the technical skills of teaching online are not all we need to develop. In the longer term, it is vital that we build our understanding of the social and philosophical implications of lives increasingly lived online. There are negotiations between convenience and security, and shifting rules to navigate for each platform and with each online social group. The lines between work, study, and play often become blurred. As teachers, what can we reasonably ask our students to do? How do we create online spaces in which learners can express themselves without damaging their carefully curated online personas? In this paper, the presenter explores these ideas. In this study, the presenter investigated how a class of English language learners at a Japanese university negotiated online interactions when collaborating with a partner school in the US. The presenter will discuss the ethical implications for anyone working with students online, and outline good practice recommendations for setting up online spaces which language learners can engage in comfortably.

  • Darren Elliott

    My name is Darren Elliott and I have been teaching English since 1999. I started teaching for a chain of private language schools in Japan, and after getting my CELTA at RMIT in Australia I became a teacher trainer and manager for the same company. In 2005 I returned to the UK to study for both an MA in English Language Teaching and a DELTA, and to teach pre- and in-sessional courses on a university language programme. Since 2007 I have been teaching English at universities in Nagoya, Japan. I am currently associate professor / senior language instructor at Nanzan University. https://darrenrelliott.wordpress.com