Computer Assisted Language Learning College and University Education Research-Oriented Presentation

Using Technology to Teach English Communication for Repeaters

Sat, Jul 9, 11:10-11:35 Asia/Tokyo

Location: C11: DO NOT RECORD

Eight students (n=8) attending a required course called English Communication at one university in Japan were taught during fall AY2020 (i.e., from September 2020) after the instructor reviewed literature from January 2017 to August 2020 on teaching EFL learners who are repeating their courses. When class began in September, the instructor started teaching 15 sessions on Zoom with each session consisting of two 90-minute sessions on Zoom, and took notes after class based on class observation after each session. Based on a synthesis of literature review and notes based on observation, it became evident that (1) a semester-long twice a week 90-minute course based on having students make answers based on open-ended questions can elicit increasingly complex responses from students whose TOEIC scores range from 295 to 345 points in the target language; and (2) having students submit reflections at the end of each class can enable teachers to understand difficulties students are facing with developing their linguistic skills and encourage students to reflect on themselves for personal development. Details of literature review, open-ended questions, and notes based on observation will be presented to help the audience think about ideas that can be applied to their own classes.

  • Gota Hayashi

    Dr. Gota Hayashi is an Associate Professor at Tokyo Keizai University and a faculty member at William Howard Taft University. He has a master's degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Teachers College Columbia University, and a doctorate from William Howard Taft University in educational leadership and management. He teaches EFL-related courses at Tokyo Keizai University in Japan, and is part of a dissertation committee in the leadership and management program at William Howard Taft University (online with most of the students enrolled teaching at the K-12 level in the US). His research interests include topics related to education and TESOL.