Teaching Younger Learners Junior / Senior High School Research-Oriented Presentation

Analysis of Opinions and Intentions in Junior High School Textbooks

Sat, Jul 9, 15:15-15:40 Asia/Tokyo

Location: E21: DO NOT RECORD

MEXT (2017) revised the Course of Study to promote learners’ practical communication skills. In accordance with the revised guideline, new government authorized English textbooks for junior high school were published by six publishers in 2021. Since some Japanese learners tend to be passive, and hesitate to express different opinions and intentions from others in class, learning language expressions pertaining to ‘opinions and intentions’ are extremely useful in promoting effective communication in English. Therefore, how those textbooks foster learners’ discourse competence is of importance. This presentation outlines a study in which opinions and intentions in the newly published textbooks as one of the five functions of language are examined. Opinions and intentions include ‘offers’, ‘promises’, ‘stating one’s opinions’, ‘agreeing’, ‘disagreeing’, ‘accepting’, ‘refusing’, and ‘supposing’. The findings show that discourse structures in the newly published textbooks vary depending on textbook, and also that the newly published textbooks provide more dialogues with this function in comparison to older textbooks. Furthermore, this presentation will suggest pedagogical implications for developing learners’ communicative competence.

  • Keiko Nakamura

    Keiko Nakamura has taught English at a Junior High School in Tokyo. She now teaches at several universities as a part-time instructor in Kanto area. Her research interests include enhancing motivation of English learners in Japan.