Business Communication College and University Education Research-Oriented Presentation

Cancelled Teaching Business Fundamentals through English to non-Business Majors

Sun, Jul 10, 11:45-12:10 Asia/Tokyo

Location: E22

Numerous Japanese universities offer programs in which students can take classes in business despite majoring in other academic disciplines. When such classes are solely focused on English language targets, students may complete the course without learning about some of the fundamentals of business theory. One way to educate the students about basics of business is through Content Based Instruction (CBI) where the classes are focused on the subject. This presentation will describe a course at a women's university that introduces the concepts of the basics of business theory, through CBI and projects, to English majors. The class and projects centre around four main areas of business theory; marketing, finance, human resources, and strategy. This approach places the students within groups that each learn a part of the project. The presenter will show how case studies, marketing projects and overall business projects are used by the students in the classroom.