Brian Teaman


Specializing in phonetics and the teaching of pronunciation and speaking. Side interests in mycology, botany, gardening and music. Musical interests include good music using voice and guitar. Currently binging on reformation and renaissance studies.


Computer Assisted Language Learning EFL Games with CALL more

Sun, Jul 10, 10:00-11:30 Asia/Tokyo

The CALL SIG Forum this year will be discussing the topics of games, play, and language learning with technology. Speakers in the forum will include: Brian Teaman, Hanaa Khamis, and Brian Gallagher All conference participants are welcome to join the forum and engage with the speakers. This forum will be closely linked to the JALTCALL 2022 Conference theme of Gameplay and Technology in Langauge Learning. JALTCALL 2022: PLAYFUL CALL Exploring the Intersection of Games and Technology in Language Education Taking inspiration from Zimmerman’s manifesto which proposed the 21st century is the “ludic century,” the focus of the 2022 conference is “Playful CALL” which we interpret as the exploration of play, games, and other ludic approaches to CALL research and practice.

Brian Gallagher Hanaa Khamis Brian Teaman