Eng Hai Tan

Meio University


Eng Hai Tan has more than two decades of teaching experience. He has taught in public primary schools and the National Institute of Education in Singapore prior to working as an administrator in an English immersion school in Japan. He is currently an associate professor at the University Center for Liberal Arts Education, Meio University. His research interests include Pedagogy, Language Acquisition, Motivation and Educational Technology.


Learner Development Induction program for high school students: Effectiveness and implications more

Sat, Jul 9, 11:10-11:35 Asia/Tokyo

High school students are often anxious about their new university life and do not know what to expect in English classes at the tertiary level. Furthermore, students may feel apprehensive about classes that have to be conducted online due to the current COVID-19 situation. In order to address these concerns, an online English workshop was conducted once a week over a period of three weeks to help students improve their English communication skills and create opportunities for them to interact with the language center tutors. This presentation outlines the content and implementation process of the workshop. An online questionnaire was given to the participants (n=58) and tutors (n=4) to collect feedback after each session. 97.3% of the participants indicated that they were very satisfied and satisfied with the content of the workshop. 81.4% found the content manageable and 6.5% found it a little difficult. 90% of them stated they had gained the skills required to attend online classes. As for the tutors, the satisfaction level of their facilitation skills increased from 62.5% to 75%. The results also suggested that participants felt less anxious about their new college life after the workshop. The implications of this project will also be discussed.

Eng Hai Tan Junko Kasamura