Jonathan Shachter

Kyushu Sangyo University


I'm a full-time lecturer at Kyushu Sangyo University in Fukuoka, Japan. I hold a B.A. in Trumpet Performance from Virginia Tech, an M.Ed. in Education from American College of Education, and a Masters in Psychology from Macquarie University. I am currently a PhD candidate in the faculty of education at Monash University. Throughout my teaching career, I have taught English and Trumpet in America, Canada, Israel, Australia, and Japan. I'm a firm believer that the skills developed in studying the language of music can be applied to language acquisition. My current research interests are the effects of anxiety on performance and cognition.


Mind, Brain, and Education Correlating heart rate response with state feelings in a language classroom more

Sat, Jul 9, 15:15-15:40 Asia/Tokyo

The aim of this study was to assess moment-to-moment occurrences of Japanese language learning (LL) anxiety symptoms in a university classroom by evaluating the relationship between self-reported affective states and heart rate measures. Over a period of three sessions, undergraduate Japanese language students (5 males and 5 females, mean age = 19.7 years, SD = .95) wore Fitbit smart watches and performed a class-observed dialog while seated at their desks. Students were also asked how they were feeling at three intervals within each session: class start, pre-performance, and post-performance. Self-reported feelings of distress and embarrassment were found to have significant relationships with HR response. The current study advances the field by providing a new data collection system which effectively assesses affective states in a 'live' classroom setting. Real-time assessment of affective states can assist in identifying when shifts in affect occur, with the potential for these shifts to inform LL interventions.

Jonathan Shachter