Melodie Cook

University of Niigata Prefecture


I am a Professor at the University of Niigata Prefecture. While not an expert in barrier-free learning, I have asked Alex Burke and Davey Young to work with me on an edited book about it in Japan, as this kind of resource is badly needed.


Accessibility in Language LearningĀ  Barrier-free learning in Japan: Panel more

Sun, Jul 10, 14:30-16:00 Asia/Tokyo

The panelists will talk about the lack of knowledge in creating barrier-free classes for learners with different abilities, current changes in policies in Japan, and how teachers are working with students to make their classes more inclusive. The session will begin with definitions of disabilities, issues faced by teachers who are not trained in recognizing them, and how teachers can create or modify classes to be effective for all students. Panel members will speak about helping students at all levels of education. We also hope to have enough time to answer participants' questions and help them make their own classes barrier-free.

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