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Gender Awareness in Language Education GALE SIG Forum more

Sun, Jul 10, 10:00-11:30 Asia/Tokyo

This is the Forum of the gender awareness in language education (GALE) SIG. GALE’s mission is to research gender and its implications for language learning, teaching, and training; to improve pedagogical practices, develop language teaching material; to raise awareness of workplace and human rights issues related to gender for language professionals; and to increase networking opportunities among language professionals interested in teaching, researching, and/or discussing issues related to gender and language education. Forum speakers represent a wide range of research and perspectives on gender awareness in language education within the SIG and the organization of JALT as a whole. Presenters will engage in discussion of the importance of gender issues within the language teaching profession.

Anna Walker QUENBY HOFFMAN AOKI Terry Tuttle Ellen Rettig-Miki