Marc Helgesen

Miyagi Gakuin Women's University


Marc is professor emeritus (that's latin for "old guy") at Miyagi Gakuin, Sendai. He's an author of over 200 articles, books and textbooks including the English Firsthand series. He's been an invited or featured/plenary speaker at conferences on 5 continents. Webpages:, email: marchelgesen(at)


Teacher Development Connected learning, firsthand – five useful ideas (regardless of your book) more

Sat, Jul 9, 13:30-13:55 Asia/Tokyo

You want learning connected – to the students, language and real usage as well as your book. The author will share five useful ideas from English Firsthand – including ways to use them with (nearly) any textbook: Have the book talk directly to your students, fluency work from the beginning, multisensory pronunciation work and more. And he’ll add a few extras to help you (re)imagine your teaching.

Marc Helgesen