Maria Theresa Niibori



I've lived in Japan for over 25 years. I like spending time with friends, having coffee and going to karaoke with them. I was an English teacher in the Philippines before coming to Japan. I worked at the city office before I landed my ALT job. I am currently working as an ALT at a municipal high school in Matsudo. I am also the VP of External Affairs of a teacher organization (FETJ-Global.)


Intercultural Communication in Language Education TYL & ICLE SIG Forum: Intercultural understanding in Japanese schools more

Sun, Jul 10, 11:45-13:15 Asia/Tokyo

This forum is a collaboration between the Teaching Young Learners (TYL) SIG and the Intercultural Communication in Language Education (ICLE) SIG. Its aim is to showcase how intercultural communication is approached in primary and secondary schools from a variety of perspectives. Some of our invited presenters will share their research based on descriptors from the Framework of Reference for Pluralistic Approaches to Languages and Cultures (FREPA) as to what degree intercultural communicative competence is promoted in the new elementary school English textbooks. Presenters will also discuss the difficulties of teaching aspects of an L2 that are not a common feature in the L1 sociocultural environment, engaging ways in which a teacher can introduce their own country and culture to a class, how the School Lunches Project promoted the development of an investigative stance towards plurality, and how intercultural understanding is incorporated in pre-service teacher education.

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