Rikkyo University


Ian Hurrell has been an adjunct lecturer at Rikkyo University's Center for Foreign Language Education and Research since 2017. His research interests center around the implementation of learner development concepts, such as learner autonomy and project based learning, to language teaching. He is also interested in the development of world Englishes and the interplay between world Englishes and intercultural communication.


Learner Development Teacher reflections on a student-led group seminar project more

Sat, Jul 9, 15:50-16:15 Asia/Tokyo

Project-based learning (PBL) is a progressing development in education that suggests tremendous benefits for learners, such as mastering 21st-century academic skills, developing learner autonomy, increasing motivation, and building group dynamics through collaborative work. In this presentation, the authors will attempt to demonstrate the accuracy of the above statement by reflecting on the effectiveness of the PBL approach which they implemented in a student-led group seminar project for an advanced English course at a private university in Tokyo. After providing a brief overview of the PBL approach and a complete description of how each stage of the student-led group seminar project relates to this approach, each instructor will report their unique observations of the project flow in their classes together with observations regarding whether the educational benefits of PBL were achieved. In addition, ways in which the project could be further improved to better facilitate learning outcomes of the PBL approach will also be discussed.