Noriko Ishihara

Hosei University


Interested and researching instructional pragmatics, teacher development, intercultural communication, and peace linguistics.


Pragmatics Pragmatics: What we’ve done—What we will do more

Sun, Jul 10, 10:00-11:30 Asia/Tokyo

In this Forum, three Pragmatics SIG members will take turns sharing how and why they became interested in the field and what specific areas they have worked on. They will then use their creative imagination to brainstorm where they hope the field of pragmatics—and in particular, our SIG--will go in the future. The panelists include Jim Ronald, who will speak about his constant efforts to develop and promote pragmatic activities for the second language classroom. Next, Yosuke Ogawa will talk about using an interdisciplinary approach and the synthesis of approaches, i.e., an examination of conversation analysis, discourse analysis and sociolinguistic research. Then, Benio Suzuki will share his practical work on requests and refusals, and his research on interactional competence. Noriko Ishihara, another expert and a well-known professor of pragmatics, will guide the overall discussion. The main goal is to share with the audience the wide range of topics where pragmatics is relevant and engage everyone in a discussion about future pragmatic directions.

Benio Suzuki Jim Ronald Yosuke OGAWA Noriko Ishihara