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Task-Based Learning Action English: Utilizing Research Methods in Class more

Sat, Jul 9, 11:45-12:10 Asia/Tokyo

Research tools such as conducting interviews and surveys can have great value in language classes. Interviews have several advantages over discussion: they involve preparation; participants have clearly defined roles; and they have clearly defined objectives. These factors, along with the introduction of note-taking, can lead to much more careful listening as well as greater comfort speaking. Meanwhile, surveys provide students with a chance to interact with group members by either speaking or writing short answers to questions on a theme. Survey questions may be provided to students or can be made by having students write their own questions. A bonus in introducing these activities is that students become familiar with qualitative methods of gathering data. In both cases, students have the opportunity to gather information which can, but does not necessarily need to, lead to a more formal research project. The presenter will share his experiences utilizing these methods in university language classrooms in Japan and report on class surveys and student comments regarding their efficacy and desirability.

John Spiri