Ewen MacDonald

Kanda University of International Studies


Ewen MacDonald is a lecturer in the English Language Institute at Kanda University of International Studies where he also completed his MA TESOL degree. He previously taught at a junior/senior high school, on an English program at a cram school, as well as teaching eikaiwa classes to adults. His research interests include pragmatics, teacher cognition, learner autonomy and corrective feedback.


College and University Educators Student reflection on classroom English use using a reflective tool more

Sat, Jul 9, 14:05-14:30 Asia/Tokyo

This presentation explores how first-year university students monitored and reflected on their English use in a communication-based course that focused on the development of students’ interactive, spoken capacity in English. Utilising the “Numbers” iPad application, students added their target English use percentage to a spreadsheet at the beginning of each class and the percentage of English they actually used at the end of class. The data was automatically charted in a line graph which acted as a visual tool that students could monitor and reflect on over time. Prompted by reflective questions, students twice analysed what they noticed about their English use during a semester before sharing and discussing their reflections with classmates and writing post-discussion summaries. An online survey on the tool and activities was also given at the end of the research period. The presenter will discuss students’ perceptions of the usefulness and enjoyment of the reflective tool and peer discussions, and the influence that these had on the students’ awareness of and attitude towards their English use in the classroom.

Ewen MacDonald