Julia Christmas

University of Niigata Prefecture


Julia Christmas is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of International Economics and member of the International Exchange Center Steering Committee at the University of Niigata Prefecture. Her research interests include Content and Language Integrated Learning, Academic Writing in CLIL settings, Pronunciation, and Professional Development for in-service Japanese Teachers of English. Contact email: jchristm@unii.ac.jp


Computer Assisted Language Learning LLC COIL 101 for University Language Teachers: Two Exemplars more

Sat, Jul 9, 16:00-16:40 Asia/Tokyo

Today’s presentation will focus on Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), which uses online technology to link geographically separated students in higher education settings. It will focus specifically on two examples of Language Learning COIL (LLC COIL), a subset of regular COIL, and a type of collaboration that strives specifically to support language learning through online joint efforts with other language learners. In a COIL project, teachers create opportunities for their students in any given course to work with peers in a similar university course somewhere else in the world. COIL is not a specific technology or a digital platform; it is a system for collaboration and connection. It is beneficial as it is virtual and therefore financially accessible exchange that can increase mobility and intercultural competence. Conversely, there are many typical obstacles to COIL. They include lack of access to a global partner, not understanding the technology, and a lack of knowledge about good practices. To support new users of COIL the presentation will survey two parallel-run LLC COIL projects from the outset to the finish. Additionally, it will include resources for learning more about where to go for COIL training and for finding a global partner.

Julia Christmas