Geoffrey Carr

Asahikawa University


Hi everyone. I'm an associate professor at Asahikawa University, a member of the PSG research group led by Kinsella Valies, and I also help out a bit with the TASC. My primary interest now is in understanding and improving the use of feedback and collaborative environments in language learning. At the 2022 PanSIG, I am also hoping to discover better ways to integrate asynchronous tech and learning into my curriculum. My own presentation is a quick examination of the development of the journal program at Asahikawa University, and the underlying systems and processes which enable it.


Computer Assisted Language Learning Paper to pixels: A decade of EFL journal development more

Sat, Jul 9, 10:35-11:00 Asia/Tokyo

Journal writing is a recognized and much-used tool in language teaching. In the language teaching classroom, it can address multiple needs: target language habituation, student interaction in the target language, provision of authentic materials, facilitation of both peer and instructor review, multimedia communication, multiple study skill integrations, enhancing student motivation, and many more. Journaling has been a component of the first-year courses I teach for over a decade and has been developed and refined through several iterations. This presentation has three distinct foci. First is the succinct elaboration of the language teaching needs the journaling program seeks to meet, followed by a description of the development of this program over time and the reasons why that development was necessary. Finally, there is a practical demonstration of the various modes, methods, and tools in the current OneNote-based journaling system, illustrating how it can be used, and be useful, for both students and educators.

Geoffrey Carr