Martin Sedaghat

Niigata University of Health & Public Welfare International Preschool


I am the English teacher and curriculum designer for a preschool in Niigata City. My research interests include picture books in teaching, games and game design, and language development in young learners.


Teaching Younger Learners Happily ever after: Post-reading projects for picture books more

Sat, Jul 9, 14:40-15:05 Asia/Tokyo

Picture books are powerful tools for language learners. They tell stories through both words and pictures, and are a source of authenticity, motivation, and foundational literacy skills. However, once the story is told and the book is closed, there are still opportunities for meaningful learning to take place. This presentation will explore a variety of post-reading activities for young learners from preschool and up through elementary school ages, including retellings of famous stories, books made by students about themselves, and illustrated predictions of story resolutions. The talk will focus on creative art projects that allow children to engage with and personalize the themes, messages, and questions of a variety of picture book styles, such as wordless books, open-ended stories, and concept books. Key principles for choosing books, designing activities, and selecting materials will be discussed, along with suggestions for matching projects to age and ability levels. Finally, the potential for linking story and language content to teaching about subjects such as science, mathematics, and world cultures will be examined.

Martin Sedaghat