Welcome to PanSIG 2022 in Nagano!

Conference Theme: (Re) Imagining Language Education

General Information

How to Submit a Presentation

You will find help videos in Japanese and English at the bottom of the submission form.

Step 1: click on "Make Submission" Step 2: click on "PanSIG 2022 Presentation" Link Step 3: Read directions then click on "Go to Submission Form" at the top Step 4: Fill in form for your submission then click "Submit"

That is it. Now you just wait until you hear back from us. Thank you!

What is PanSIG

PanSIG is an annual conference sponsored and organized by many of JALT’s Special Interest Groups (SIG). Currently there are 30 special interest groups in JALT. PanSIG is meant to be a smaller, more intimate conference than the annual international JALT conference, and is a place where SIG members can network with each other and other SIG members. The first PanSIG was held in 2002, so this will be our 21st event. Please come and join us in this exciting event.


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Special Events

What is happening during the conference?

2022 PanSIG Funding Grant

Thank you for your interest in applying for a PanSIG 2022 conference grant. We want to provide JALT members with limited access to outside funding the opportunity to take part in at the 2022 PanSIG Conference in Nagano. The application deadline is January 1st, 2022.

If you have any questions about the grant or the application process, please contact 2022 PanSIG Conference Chair (Koki Tomita) at or the PanSIG Grants Chair at Here is the Google Form to apply: PanSIG Conference Grant Application (2022) (